Google+ adwebster - Canon EOS 650D

Canon EOS 650D product launch

Case Study as PDF

  • To achieve maximum possible awareness for the product launch of the Canon EOS 650D
  • High impact combined with widest possible net reach in German-speaking Switzerland and Romandie
  • Coordination with TV campaign

  • Combination of standard display for optimisation of net reach and in-stream pre-roll videos for moving-image impact
  • Optimisation of GRP values by combining TV and online video ad placement
  • Channel mix containing News, Digital Entertainment and Royal Network (CH-de and CH-fr) channels


  • High advertising intensity through combination of TV and online video ad placement
  • The campaign stood out with an excellent CTR of 6.204% in the video network
  • 85.35% of users started the video, 76.81% watched it to the middle and 55.11% watched it to the end