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Ice Age 4 DVD release

Case Study as PDF

  • To create attention for the new Ice Age 4 DVD in the core target groups of women and families
  • To reach users and online shoppers who are interested in competitions
  • Separate delivery to tablet users for analysis purposes

  • Delivery in the Royal Network with e-commerce and competition profile targeting
  • Two click-tracking links integrated in the advertising media, and conversion tracking pixels on the Facebook fan page (competition) and the online order page (shop)
  • Separate delivery with tablet browser targeting

  • An excellent average CTR of 0.238% achieved
  • The e-commerce profile targeting was particularly successful here. The order button in the advertising media was clicked more than twice as often as the competition button
« We are very satisfied with the implementation and the result of the Ice Age 4 campaign. With its broad & unique range of services, adwebster was able to capture our needs in the best possible manner and ultimately contributed significantly to make the fourth installment of "Ice Age" a total success. »