Google+ adwebster - Migros pre-roll

Migros pre-roll campaign

Case Study as PDF

  • To draw attention to Migros's Christmas campaign (awareness and traffic on microsite)
  • To create attention for the daily offers in December
  • Rapid generation of app downloads (star collector app)
  • Generation of contestants via mobile

  • High level of attention via pre-roll video ads in combination with conventional TV advertising
  • Standard IAB banner with high advertising intensity on mobile browsers initially (fast downloads via direct link to app store)
  • High advertising intensity in the Royal Network to create awareness for daily offers

  • The pre-roll ads achieved a high CTR of 3.35%. More than 73% of the users watched the video through to the end (cost per play CHF 0.034)
  • The advertising for the app on mobile browsers was a complete success with a CTR of 0.454%
« The Christmas campaign surpassed our goals. Thanks to the support provided by the VAST measurements, we were also able to track disproportionately good video view times, in addition to traditional, good campaign values such as CTR and CPC/CPX. With its video and mobile offering, adwebster is now delivering its customary performance in this sector as well. As with the display network, the advanced technology and the very wide reach are convincing. »

David Burst, Media Project Manager, Migros Cooperative Association