Google+ adwebster - Data Protection Policy


(as of June 2016)

adwebster is a technology company that provides services for advertisers such as agencies and direct clients ("ADVERTISERS") and for publishers of websites ("PUBLISHERS") (ADVERTISERS and PUBLISHERS are known jointly as "CLIENTS"). adwebster makes products and provides services ("SERVICES") that enable ADVERTISERS to reach their target audience better and enable PUBLISHERS to promote the sale of advertisements on their websites.
This data protection statement informs the CLIENTS of adwebster and users of the adwebster website about the extent of data processing.

1. Data processing by adwebster in the course of providing services
In the course of providing its services, adwebster collects and stores data about the way visitors ("USERS") use websites and aggregates these data into user profiles ("USER PROFILES"). USER PROFILES are not personal data within the meaning of data protection legislation, because individual USERS cannot be identified by means of the data gathered by adwebster.
The data collected by adwebster generally consists of the following information: IP addresses (anonymized by reduction), websites visited (user journey), date and time of visit, interaction between contents and adverts, as well as geographic and linguistic information. These data may be supplemented with other demographic data such as post codes, age, sex and estimated income category that is provided to adwebster by its CLIENTS. In no case does adwebster process or store personal data such as names, addresses, email addresses or similar information that enables a direct connection to be made to a particular person ("PERSONAL DATA").
In addition to this information, the USER PROFILES may be given additional characteristics by adwebster or its CLIENTS. These mainly consist of segment identifiers such as football fan, smart shopper, adventure traveller, etc. Characteristics such as creditworthiness, health status, political orientation or similar are not collected. In cooperation with respected data providers, adwebster also uses other non-personal information from websites that are not marketed by adwebster.
The technologies with which these data are collected include cookies and web beacons that are deleted after a certain time. The data gathered by adwebster are aggregated to USER PROFILES on adwebster's data management platform.
Since adwebster advises a large number of ADVERTISERS and PUBLISHERS, a USER PROFILE may be tracked across several websites.
adwebster only uses the processed data to display advertisements that are matched to the USER PROFILE on the PUBLISHERS' websites. adwebster also collects anonymous cookie information to identify larger user groups, which helps ADVERTISERS to adapt their campaigns to the appropriate online target groups.
adwebster uses external service providers ("SERVICE PROVIDERS") to deliver its services. adwebsters and its SERVICE PROVIDERS store the information collected in log files, which are kept on their systems for a reasonable period of time. Data stored in these log files that attribute log data to a particular computer may also include the IP address and the user ID.

2. Cookies
adwebster uses both proprietary technologies (Programmatic Media System, Sell Side Cockpit) and third-party technologies.
adwebster uses other methods of user identification in addition to cookies. USERS can prevent this at any time by means of the opt-out function.

3. Data protection policies of the PUBLISHERS
USER PROFILES are compiled when USERS visit the PUBLISHERS' websites. PUBLISHERS are responsible for notifying USERS accordingly when they visit their websites, in the form required by data protection law. In particular, USERS are to be notified about the placing of cookies. PUBLISHERS in Europe must comply with the Cookie Directive, which in contrast to Swiss law requires the explicit consent of the user (opt-in).

4. Data protection when visiting the adwebster corporate website
adwebster only stores PERSONAL DATA to the extent necessary to meet a contractual or statutory obligation (e.g. orders, quotations, newsletters, etc.). adwebster only processes PERSONAL DATA in accordance with the provisions of data protection legislation. In particular, adwebster only uses PERSONAL DATA for the purpose indicated when the data was collected (e.g. to respond to a customer enquiry).
USER PROFILES are also compiled when users visit the corporate website of adwebster. However, adwebster does not store the email addresses of USERS who only visit the site. USERS of the corporate adwebster website can prevent the compilation of a USER PROFILE by activating the appropriate opt-out.

5. Data transfer
Data collected by adwebster on its own account or on behalf of CLIENTS may be processed outside Switzerland. The USERS of the corporate website agree to this data transfer by their use of the adwebster website.

6. Data security and confidentiality
adwebster applies all generally acknowledged industry standards to protect data from unauthorised access, deletion or publication. To this end adwebster takes all the necessary technical, electronic and administrative steps to protect data security and in particular to limit access to data.
The data processed by adwebster and its SERVICE PROVIDERS are only provided to adwebster's CLIENTS in the contractually agreed form and are otherwise subject to confidentiality. Servers are protected by firewalls and are kept in secure data processing centres. Notwithstanding all these efforts to protect data, it is not possible to guarantee absolute data security, especially not for data transferred via the internet.

7. Data transfer following a change of control
If another company should gain control of adwebster (e.g. by acquisition or merger), the acquiring party will take possession of all the data processed by adwebster.

8. Changes to this data protection policy
adwebster reserves the right to make changes to this data protection policy by publishing an updated version on this website.

9. Enquiries / Information / Rectification
CLIENTS and USERS can find out from adwebster about their PERSONAL DATA being processed by adwebster at any time. If the PERSONAL DATA being processed by adwebster are incorrect, they can ask for them to be rectified. This right of information and rectification only applies to PERSONAL DATA as defined in data protection law. All such enquires and any other questions concerning data protection should be addressed to