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About adwebster

Welcome to the world of adwebster. "About adwebster" should give you an understanding of the company, our milestones and the masterminds behind the scenes who make it all happen.

Number 1 among digital advertising networks

adwebster is a technology company that has specialised in operating and maintaining digital advertising networks. The adwebster premium network developed over three years, is based on cutting-edge live network technology with constant integration of all of our websites, portals and apps.

The latest real-time advertising (RTA) technology ensures ads are delivered live and brings together advertising budgets and publishers via the most direct route – without external DSPs, SSPs, traffic traders or marketplaces.

Under Milestones you can see adwebster's most important steps since it was founded in August 2010 by CEO Andi Nigg.

Transparent "closed private advertising network"

adwebster is the sole provider to offer a "closed private advertising network", which means that all of the websites and placements (advertising spaces) are listed transparently under premium channels. The total reach and the reach potential within individual target groups can be directly calculated online with the adwebster GRP calculator.

In addition to delivering campaigns, the adwebster system also performs other functions such as yield management and targeting solutions for website operators.

adwebster's two-fold focus (products for websites/publishers and products for advertising customers) ensures the widest possible live coverage of the entire digital landscape in Switzerland and, consequently, successful, wide-reaching campaigns for advertising customers and agencies.

Powerful wide reach and cutting-edge targeting system

adwebster banner and video campaigns significantly increase the reach of every online and TV campaign, ensuring the highest possible ROI (return on investment) due to modern user recognition (profile targeting) and digital GRP calculation options.

Furthermore, all placements are compatible with all-screen planning. Video campaigns can be coordinated with banner campaigns and vice versa. The behavioural targeting technology in the background is completely compatible with all formats and screens.

adwebster's de-duplicated, cumulative reach – with premium brands such as,,,, and 

Proud partner of renowned brands! Our references

adwebster is the proud partner of dozens of premium brands for the delivery of digital advertising (display, video and mobile). Practically all large advertising customers in Switzerland rely on adwebster for the distribution of their digital advertising campaigns.

adwebster’s innovative live network technology allows the creation of profiles tailored to custom target groups for each individual customer.

The end of one campaign is the beginning of the next: customer-specific behavioural targeting profiles can also be used in follow-up campaigns, so the ROI improves from campaign to campaign and custom target groups can be narrowed down ever more precisely.

Professional network operations team

adwebster Teamadwebster iscompletely based in Zurich and consists of numerous external programmers, software engineers and interface designers. 95% of all resources are allocated to the areas of "RTA operations", "network maintenance" and "server infrastructure/architecture".

adwebster is a network partner and supplier of virtually all large Swiss media agencies and many major customers. We do not have a design/creative department, nor do we provide any media agency services. We are 100% focused on the delivery of digital campaigns in the most wide-reaching and cutting-edge advertising network in Switzerland.

Member of IAB Switzerland

adwebster is a member of IAB Switzerland. IAB stands for Internet Advertising Bureau and refers to the umbrella association for digital advertising. The Swiss branch of this international association, IAB Switzerland, seeks to advance the online marketing field in Switzerland and represent the collective interests of the market in the areas of training, standards, research, events and law.

adwebster works closely with the IAB, helping to evaluate new technologies and investigate opportunities, risks, advantages and disadvantages.

This research work helps adwebster to continuously further develop and improve its own products, technologies and the entire network. adwebster works strictly according to the IAB standards in online advertising (advertising media and video ads) that have been adopted for Switzerland.