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Bisnode Live-Data-App

As the market leader for business information, Bisnode (formerly Dun & Bradstreet) has the largest database of national and international companies, including more than half a million companies from Switzerland.

The new Bisnode Live Data app enables media agencies and clients to book relevant profiles exclusively in
adwebster’s Programmatic Media System®.

How live data targeting with the Bisnode app works

Detailed description of the Bisnode Live Data app
3. Exclusively in the Programmatic Media System®

Bisnode Live-Data-App Booking Line

3.1. TARGETING: sector

Choose from the 16 different sectors currently available. With one click you can reach exactly those users who are working in the sector that currently interests you.

Bisnode Live Data targeting sectors

3.2. TARGETING: company size

Select the size of the company you want your advertising to reach. Choose from large, medium, small and micro-companies.


«Bisnode Live-Data-App» (pdf)

Do you want to use targeting straight away, so you can get to your potential customers before your competitors do? With the free PROGRAMMATIC MEDIA SYSTEM® you can install and activate the Bisnode Live Data app in just a few minutes!

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Bisnode Live-Data-App