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All-screen planning

adwebster's uniform tech stack (one system for display, video and mobile) makes it possible for the first time to deliver cross-media campaigns in a central and coordinated manner.

Media use is more complex than ever before. It is no longer a single big screen but many screens of varying sizes through which media are consumed nowadays. This wide variety of possibilities must be planned and utilized perfectly for each campaign.

In-house development on a uniform tech stack

As a technology enterprise for digital advertising network solutions, adwebster has developed a novel system architecture in its own adwebster lab which allows advertising clients to cover all areas (display, video, mobile) via one system and to deliver campaigns in a centralized and synergistically coordinated fashion.

This uniform technology makes it possible e.g. for video/digital TV advertising to be broadcast tailored to a specific behavioral targeting profile while also including a user's behavior with respect to banner and branding elements of the same brand or product group.

Necessary system architecture

The adwebster ad tags used for display branding campaigns, video campaigns and mobile campaigns are technologically 100% compatible (since 1 system is used for everything) and are therefore "all-screen planning"-enabled.

Some of the advantages of all-screen planning are comprehensive targeting options and contact optimization (OTS, frequency capping). In addition, it provides advertising clients with completely new possibilities for planning and evaluating digital advertising campaigns.

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