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Brand protection

Environments which are guaranteed to be safe so that there are no nasty surprises.

Your brand can suffer damage if it appears on websites which are B-rated, dubious or offensive. Be careful if a provider of digital advertising shows you example websites. The example websites are usually well-known and good titles. The rest, however, is delivered "blindly", that is, you do not know what other websites your advertisement is run on. This can lead to nasty surprises, e.g. that your advertisement appears on websites with pornographic, racist or even illegal contents, or on websites which glorify violence. Always request a complete list of websites which must be taken into account when you book, and insist that nothing is delivered to titles not included in the list.

adwebster will transparently list all websites on which your advertisement is going to be run when you book  (premium channels). We work exclusively with premium titles and check all websites before admitting you to the network, and continuously during operation as well. By doing this, we ensure that your brand cannot suffer any damage, and we protect you from nasty surprises.