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Real-time advertising

adwebster's cutting-edge real-time advertising technology (RTA) guarantees advertising customers the most efficient digital advertising campaigns and the widest possible live reach in the digital advertising market.

Real-time advertising (RTA)

Since its foundation, adwebster has recognised the importance of real-time advertising (RTA). Its entire ad serving system has been designed around RTA and programmed accordingly, right from the beginning. adwebster’s real-time advertising technology is now considered one of the leading and most reliable RTA systems.Unlike traditional RTA technologies, adwebster also started developing suitable solutions for publishers early on; this has resulted in great advantages for them with regard to network reach and therefore the wide and efficient delivery of digital advertising campaigns. The best example of this is our flagship product, the vast Royal Network, which directly controls all of the participating sites and apps live – you no longer need a broker or to purchase traffic.

Decisions within milliseconds

Modern ad serving technologies are now capable of analysing a user according to various criteria within milliseconds, thanks to locally saved data (cookies, HTML5 local storage files, etc.) or database information. This capability, along with the related live retrieval of relevant campaigns (supply side, demand side), is referred to as real-time advertising.
Thanks to the size of our network, adwebster can completely dispense with information from databases. Profile recognition and the tagging of users take place live – "on the spot". This is only possible thanks to our 94% reach in the digital advertising market. For our customers, it guarantees not only the widest possible coverage for their campaigns, but also absolute security with regard to data protection directives and legal compliance.

SSP (sell-side platform) functionality and DSP (demand-side platform) functionality

Digital advertising business in real-time advertising is divided into two sides: the demand side (customer side, DSP) and its counterpart on the supply side, made up of the providers of digital products such as websites or apps (publishing companies, SSP). The adwebster real-time advertising technology combines both of these: a cutting-edge interface for publishers (sell-side cockpit) and DSP services for customers.

The closed private network – the most direct solution for the delivery of digital advertising

In the early stages of the real-time advertising era, different players were often active – from handling agencies to third-party DSPs and various SSPs – each wanting to secure a piece of the "pie". It very quickly became clear that this situation was not ideal for customers, as it siphoned off too much of their margins.

This is the main reason why adwebster developed a „closed private advertising“ system that has both DSP connections (customer accounts) as well as SSP functionality (adwebster sell-side cockpit). This technical setup ensures that advertising budgets find a direct route to relevant publisher websites and apps – using absolutely no external DSPs, SSPs, brokers, traders or self-styled "real-time specialists", who, as described above, merely help themselves to external accounts.