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Real-time branding

The specialty of the house: Real-time branding campaigns. The adwebster RTA system makes delivery decisions within 0.02 seconds.

Real-time branding campaigns

The specialty of the house: Real-time branding campaigns. No other provider allows branding campaigns to be delivered with such a large coverage and accuracy throughout Switzerland than adwebster does. Practically all Swiss premium websites and apps are participating in the adwebster network, offering advertising clients a "one stop shop" solution for premium branding campaigns.

Choice of more than 1.5 billion pop-up ads per month

The main difference which sets it apart from conventional media bookings is the large number of potential pop-up ads available. Due to the live network architecture of the adwebster closed private networks, the relevant ads for the given situation - tailored to the respective user - can be selected from more than 1.5 billion banner ad overlays for each individual advertising campaign. This "cherry picking principle" works due to the closed, controlled network as well as the large live reach.

Real-time branding takes place in three steps:

The following three steps explain the real-time branding process. It should be kept in mind that these three steps are carried out within 0.02 seconds!

Step 1: Characterizing & classifying a user

The adwebster system captures about 6,800,000 unique users each month (only Swiss users) and divides them into specific behavioral targeting categories depending on their web-surfing behavior and/or clicking behavior. This allocation is examined on a daily basis by means of value assessments, i.e. if a user's main interests change (e.g. if a user has a different profile in fall than in winter), this change is registered directly and live by adwebster. An average user is allocated to about 150 basic categories by adwebster, with varying degrees of characteristics with respect to affinities.

Step 2: Live recognition of profiles

A user surfs a website or consumes digital contents within apps and mobile pages. A uniformly integrated adwebster master tag recognizes the user's profile information each time a page is reloaded and compares it with possibly matching branding campaigns in the adwebster DSP system (provided by the customer, advertising campaigns).

Step 3: Live delivery of matching branding campaigns

If a "match" occurs, in other words, if a campaign matches a user profile recognized live, the corresponding delivery takes place simultaneously and directly. Profile recognition and the respective delivery of matching advertising take place practically simultaneously within only two milliseconds. This so-called live targeting is very different as regards quality to conventional targeting or behavioral targeting systems where probabilities are calculated by means of mathematical extrapolation. The word "extrapolation" does not exist in adwebster's parlance. Each individual user is analyzed directly and live according to profiles, PC system, browser, device etc. each time advertising elements are overlaid.