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Your campaign

Your digital media campaign in Switzerland's state-of-the art advertising network with the widest reach in three simple steps.

With more than 1,500,000,000 banner ad overlays per month and a reach of 94 %, adwebster is able to reach each environment and each target group efficiently. The more than 15 environments (premium channels) as well as more than 60 behavioral targeting categories provide every opportunity: from high-impact branding campaigns through video campaigns with regard to reach up to mobile advertising and tablet advertising: the fitting solution for each specific need - and all from a single source.

Step 1 – Consultation & media planning

Talk to us – we always look forward to new, exciting challenges. We're happy to be at your disposal with regard to any questions you may have about your online advertising campaign. Our know-how and innumerable technical capabilities will augment your objectives and knowledge of your product and its target groups to shape it into a campaign architecture perfectly geared to your needs.

adwebster develops a firm media plan for each campaign, with exact information on duration, positions, layout matrix as well as predefined key performance indicators (KPIs). The individual positions can be adjusted based on optimizations during an ongoing campaign.

Step 2 – Setting up in the live system & ongoing optimization

Due to the invariable live network, campaigns can - after testing the advertising media - go live on the entire network within only 2 minutes. The live network technology also allows accurate measurements and real-time feedback per placement in order to achieve the highest possible ROI for each advertising campaign.

The adwebster mainframe computer continuously (2x/minute) receives feedback on the exact delivery statuses as well as KPI measurements per placement and per format (e.g. medium rectangle, 300x250 at The system can automatically inhibit or completely clip the delivery of poorly performing placements, resulting in efficient use of the advertising budget entrusted to us. In addition to this automatic optimization, adwebster campaign manager track each campaign in real time in order to be able to respond immediately to any contingencies.

Step 3 - Reporting & analysis

In addition to reporting during the campaign, clients receive a detailed final report with all KPI values listed transparently.

"After the game is before the game." The campaign data obtained (and the behavioral targeting profiles, where applicable) assist immensely in the planning and delivery of subsequent campaigns and are a valuable basis for being able to deliver ever improving, intelligent and efficient digital advertising campaigns.