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Why adwebster

Cutting-edge technology, transparent premium channels and a constant live reach of 94%.

Switzerland's no. 1 advertising network!

The adwebster premium advertising network, with names such as,, or is based on cutting-edge RTA technology and brings advertising customers and publishers together via the most direct route.

Wide-reaching real-time branding campaigns for all formats, video campaigns for digital TV ads or advertising on mobile devices - with adwebster's cutting-edge advertising network, all-screen planning has become a reality!

All screens. All formats. One central system.

All adwebster premium channels are based on a so-called all-screen planning system, which supports all digital media types via a central ad server.

This means that, for the first time, digital video and TV campaigns can now be seamlessly adapted to brand advertising (e.g. layer ad or Flash banner) – with a reach of 94% in Switzerland!

Sophisticated targeting functions and cutting-edge technology

adwebster's cutting-edge technology and sophisticated targeting functions will enable you to reach your target group efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

There are nine different targeting solutions available in total, from traditional behavioral targeting to re-targeting and Geo targeting. An adwebster account manager creates a precise targeting profile at the beginning of each campaign and continuously monitors its efficiency.

Transparent offerings and a closed network

adwebster is the sole provider to offer a "closed private advertising network", which means that all of the placements (advertising spaces on websites) are controlled 24/7 and in real-time from a central location by the adwebster system and filled with digital advertising.

This "constant integration" of websites and apps, in combination with the latest real-time advertising technology, allows advertising customers to achieve complete digital coverage through a single provider for users of websites and apps throughout Switzerland.

Appealing, theme-based premium ad channels

You have access to numerous theme-related premium channels which allow you to reach your target group(s) efficiently and cost-effectively. The target group potential for all adwebster products can be calculated simply and directly with the digital GRP calculator.

94% reach in all language regions

Because of the 6,800,000 unique visitors each month  and the constant integration of all participating websites, adwebster achieves a live reach of 94%. This massive reach, unprecedented for an individual provider, offers advertising customers new opportunities for planning and delivering digital advertising.

adwebster’s closed, transparent network is ideal for well-known brands that focus on highly professional media delivery, brand protection, the best possible campaign optimization and maximum reach (GRP, OTS).