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Premium Channels

The entire adwebster portfolio at a glance. The all-screen-compatible adwebster premium channels can carry display advertising, video and TV ads as well as mobile advertising formats.

Premium environments
adwebster premium channels guarantee the widest reach within target groups as well as very high traffic quality.
News channel
The adwebster News channel is the biggest Swiss online channel for news, headlines and news flashes. It reaches a wide audience through various prestigious news portals. ...
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Women channel
Do you want to reach Swiss women by digital means? Then you've come to the right place. The adwebster Women channel covers all popular premium websites and apps related to women and is the ideal solution fo...
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Business channel
We know where the decision-makers and executives like to surf. The adwebster Business channel covers the areas of finance, business and insurance and stands for top-quality traffic....
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Youth channel
With adwebster's Youth channel, you are on target to reach teenagers, adolescents, students and young adults. Compared to other types of media, digital advertising is far more effective for this target grou...
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Dig. Entertainment
Good entertainment makes for better advertising. Our Digital Entertainment channel covers a target group that is young, dynamic and, above all, "Internet savvy". Whether they are into TV, games or ent...
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Homemaker channel
Your online advertising needs to be present in places where important decisions are made. Using this adwebster channel for household decision-makers, you can have an influence on family product decisions. There...
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Sport channel
Are you looking for a sports-oriented environment in which to place your advertising message? Advertise on the adwebster Sport channel today and ensure your place on the podium tomorrow.   The adwebster ...
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Children channel
The Children channel from adwebster is the widest and largest Swiss channel of its kind. Our targeting functions allow you to accurately reach young Swiss "digital natives"....
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LOHAS channel
They drive hybrid cars, live in low-energy houses and are concerned with healthy and sustainable lifestyles. LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) consumers are a very exciting and future-oriented targ...
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Men channel
The adwebster Men channel combines all premium websites that appeal to a male target group, providing outstanding coverage of this target group with just one booking. ...
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Health Channel
For small and large injuries: The adwebster Health Channel covers all Swiss websites and apps associated with health care and medicine. Our medical issues and backgrounds (symptoms, health advice etc.) allow th...
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Reach and targeting
The "Royal Networks" are multiple-channel premium reach products that are perfect for reach campaigns on all Swiss premium portals. In addition, the Royal Networks serve as a basis for behavioural targeting and re-targeting campaigns.
Royal Network (CH-de)
All premium channels in German The Royal Network is the largest and widest online product in Switzerland, perfect for branding and reach campaigns as well as targeting and re-targeting campaigns. You can cho...
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Royal Network (CH-fr)
All premium channels in French This Royal Network is the simple solution for covering the entire Romandie region with just one booking. It is suitable for branding and reach campaigns as well as for targetin...
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Royal Network (CH-it)
All premium channels in Italian The Royal Network IT is the best solution for reaching the whole of Italian-speaking Switzerland with just one booking. It is suitable for branding and reach campaigns as well...
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Reach Network
Wide reach despite being inexpensive The Reach Network includes many medium to small websites (long tail) and is suitable for campaigns where you want to inexpensively achieve a wide reach within Switze...
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Custom publisher networks
For well-known companies and publishers, adwebster provides its own advertising network technology as external "white-label solutions".