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audience recall®

Retargeting campaigns at a new and thus so far unique level. Highly effective implementation of product-based retargeting in adwebster's transparent live network. «The right product – for the right user – at the right time.» Produkt – für den richtigen Nutzer – zur richtigen Zeit.»

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audience recall® is adwebster's brand-new retargeting technology with the world's first completely novel algorithm. The product is aimed at online shop operators, insurance providers and service providers who wish to optimise the value chain within their digital marketing activities. audience recall® enables them to interact specifically and, above all, effectively with their target group for this purpose.

How does audience recall® work?

The product records each «shop visitor» to your website and measures the exact length of time spent on the detailed view of a product, offer or service. In the process, a detailed and up-to-date interest profile is generated for each user which refers to what the visitor to your shop is really interested in. Once the purchase probability is prioritised accordingly, adwebster's technology dynamically creates all online advertising materials right away.

Efficient and relevant delivery of product-based advertising with audience recall®.
Categorise the stream of visitors to your website and address them specifically and repeatedly in adwebster's transparent premium advertising environment. Stage-manage your products and branding in the process.

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1st step: Data generation and functionality

The visitor to your shop looks at several products. audience recall® measures the exact length of stay at the detailed product level. Needs and priorities can be deduced from this which serve to create a targeted approach.

Onlineshop audience recall retargeting Bannerwerbung Produktekategorien
Warenselektion Shopbesucher Retargeting Produkte Detailebene audience recall


2nd step: Advertising message and advertisement delivery

Contents on online advertising banners are generated dynamically. This allows content which is relevant to the shop's visitor to be displayed again. Attentiveness and «conversion» are increased many times over.

Bannerbeispiele audience recall Retargeting Publisherseite Onlineshop

3rd step: Return and interaction

The value chain closes, the shop's visitor returns – directly to the detailed view of the product the visitor had clicked on.

Implementation examples of dynamically generated advertising materials. adwebster will create customised advertising material templates on request.
Banner Formats: Wide Skyscraper 160x600px and Medium Rectangle 300x 250px

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