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Display network

The adwebster display network is the largest Swiss digital advertising network, offering advertising customers not only wide coverage but also diverse usage options.

adwebster's display network is the solution for your digital branding campaigns in Switzerland. With premium websites such as, or, the adwebster network is capable of reaching practically every Swiss user of digital media several times each day.

Display advertising is a term that refers to digital advertising formats that attract the attention of users and are used primarily for branding purposes, promotion of brand awareness and to redirect users to appropriate landing pages.

 Display standard formats (ST)

The established and widely used standard IAB formats are suitable for running cost-effective and very wide-reaching display branding campaigns. These formats, which have been used for years, are supported by practically all premium websites. They are therefore essential for every branding campaign in the display area in order to achieve a basic reach and the related optimal GRP values.

 Expandable display advertisements (EX)

Expandable display advertisements are branding advertisements whose area increases by several hundred percent when touched, making it very easy to deliver the advertising message prominently in a large format.
Expandable formats have two elements (the basic format and the large-scale expanded format) and can contain interactive elements (such as video, games, forms and selection controllers) as well as external plug-ins (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

 Special formats (SF)

adwebster's special formats mean that advertising customers can specifically address interested users with especially large interactive formats. Formats such as interactive layer ads or engagement ads not only encourage interaction with the advertisements but can also be very effective in promoting sales when used correctly. (Such formats should only be used with behavioural targeting and/or re-targeting for advertising to users who are likely to be very interested.)

adwebster display portfolio
The adwebster display network includes premium channels (News, LOHAS, Women, etc.) and the extensive, region-specific Royal Networks (which combine all of the theme-based channels). The availability of the particular format is indicated by the letters (ST), (EX) or (SF) highlighted in orange.