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Mobile banner ads

The traditional format for the advertisement "to go". This format gives you the maximum reach on mobile end devices.

More and more frequently, users are consuming media via their smartphones while they are on the move. The mobile banner ad is used for apps and mobile websites and therefore reaches the maximum possible number of mobile users. For websites that do not automatically redirect to a mobile version, we use a special intermediate format that automatically adjusts using zoom levels, so it always stays the same size and remains in the foreground.

Mobile Bannerformats: Mobile Ad, Sticky Banner Ad, Wideboard Ad, Medium Rectangle Ad, adwebster


- Size: Mobile Banner Ad 320 x 50 px and 640 x 100 px for retina displays, Mobile Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 px and 600 x 500 px for retina displays, Mobile Wideboard 320 x 160 px and 640 x 320 for retina displays.
- File format: JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, HTML5
- Maximum file size: 100 kilobytes

All tags or HTML5 advertisements must be securly delivered (https).