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LINK Internet Panel

The LINK Institute and adwebster are launching the first programmatic connection to market research data in Switzerland. The innovation for digital campaign management!

LINK Internet Panel Analytics

As of now, valuable socio-demographic profile data can be collected from advertising campaigns in real time and displayed in graphic format.  Along with conventional reports that show ad impressions and clicks, the new metrics describe the socio-demographic characteristics and the interests of the target group.

Here's how the LINK Internet Panel works:

Programmatic and in real time - The basis of the measurement is the LINK Internet Panel, consisting of over 130,000 active panelists.  By delivering a pixel toether with the advertising campaign, individual pop-ups and clicks can automatically be assigned to the LINK panelists.  This is made possible by integration into adwebster's online booking system, the Programmatic Media System®.

The collected data is synchronized on a continuous basis in real time via interface and displayed in a neat real-time report.  The added value for advertisers is that the advertising campaign can be optimized at all times based on the findings obtained.

LINK Institut Internet Panel Programmatic Media System adwebster



Empirically based and targeted - The LINK Institute and adwebster are convinced that the combination of representative panel data and the broadest possible network coverage is for the first time achieving a scientifically based real-time evaluation of the target group.  The LINK Internet Panel connection is live as of now and can exclusively be integrated into advertising campaigns via the PMS.

Booking Line Programmatic Media System LINK Internet Panel

2. Real Data = More Impact

Thanks to the comprehensive, verified profile data of the LINK Internet Panel, accurate information about gender, age, place of residence, education, and income can be offered. This makes target group reachability in advertising campaigns transparent and targeting products gain a «proof of concept».

LINK Imternet Panel Analytics Programmatic Media System adwebster

Stefan Oglesby,
CEO LINK Institut

«The future of market research lies in the intelligent linking of survey data with behavioral data. We're pleased that in adwebster we've found a competent partner with whom we can make our vision a reality on the media market in an innovative and unique way.»

The LINK Institute is the leading provider of ad hoc polling research in Switzerland.  As a pioneer of computer-assisted data collection, LINK offers its customers custom-tailored solutions in social, market, media, and mobility research.  Besides competent consulting on methods, the LINK Institute is distinguished by its high quality standards for all methods of data collection.  Customers benefit from the LINK Institute's extensive infrastructure and industry experience – from briefing to data analysis to implementation in business.

LINK was founded in 1981 and employs 110 people at its locations in Lucerne, Zurich, Lausanne, Lugano, and Bern.  In order to offer customers the most modern methods of the highest quality, LINK operates four of its own telephone banks alongside the Internet Panel and permanently continues to develop its proprietary systems for telephone, online, and in-person polling (by tablet/app).

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