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All adwebster live data apps at a glance. You reach precisely those users who are interested in the products and services in question.

Our live data apps permit even more targeted delivery of your campaign.  Using data collected on well-known Swiss sites such as AutoScout24, ImmoScout24 oder we can guarantee that your campaign is shown to exactly those users who respond to the matching product.

AutoScout24 Live-Data-App

«AutoScout24 Live-Data-App»
The «AutoScout24 Live-Data-App» flags all search queries by all users on AutoScout24. The product range has been expanded by the «NFZScout24 Live Data App» for utility vehicles; your advertisements are now also shown to people interested in utility vehicles.
ImmoScout24 Live-Data-App

«ImmoScout24 Live-Data-App»
The «ImmoScout24 Live-Data-App» makes it possible for you to reach everyone in the relevant canton who is actively using ImmoScout24 for information when seeking apartments and homes.
Medical Live-Data-App

«Medical Live-Data-App»
With the «Medical Live-Data-App» you are able to reach Doctors, professionals and important opinion leaders from the medical area. This is guaranting maximal reach and an unbeatable advertising effectiveness.

AZ Direct Live-Data-App

«AZ Direct Live-Data-App»
Die «AZ Direct Live Data App» erlaubt es erstmalig, Offline-Profilinformationen (AZ Direct Datenbankprofile) für digitale Werbekampagnen zu verwenden. Dies bietet komplett neue und spannende Targeting-Möglichkeiten.
MotoScout24 Live-Data-App

«MotoScout24 Live-Data-App»
With the «MotoScout24 Live-Data-App», your campaign can be brought to life in an even more targeted way.  Your advertisements are shown to users who have actively sought information about specific motorcycle brands and motorcycle models on MotoScout24.
Sportal Live-Data-App

«Sportal Live-Data-App»
Whether it's football, tennis, or golf: you decide what sports fits your brand! With the innovative «Sportal Live-Data-App», your campaign is shown to precisely those people who are interested in the sport in question.
Bisnode Live-Data-App

«Bisnode Live-Data-App»
As the market leader for business information, Bisnode (formerly Dun & Bradstreet) has the largest database of national and international companies, including more than half a million companies from Switzerland.