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Mobile network

The new and interactive adwebster mobile and tablet network is setting new standards when it comes to delivering advertising to mobile end devices such as iPhones, Android phones and tablets.

adwebster operates a cutting-edge live mobile advertising network. As well as directly integrating apps and mobile pages, it also persistently identifies mobile device traffic 24 hours a day on all of our publisher websites and delivers advertising accordingly. Each device is individually recognised thanks to the direct implementation of tags, so banners and mobile video advertising can be adapted for the particular device before delivery.

 Mobile and tablet advertising (MT)

In the mobile area up until now, media was generally placed within applications (apps) and mobile surf pages ( on an individual basis.
adwebster is now going one step further and, in addition to the standard mobile placements described above, is also offering its advertising customers the option of placing advertising messages on normal pages for all tablet traffic (iPad, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy, etc.).
The combination of both (apps and mobile surf pages with browser-based recognition of mobile devices for all publisher products) has given rise to completely new reach standards for mobile campaigns on the Swiss advertising market.

Mobile network portfolio
The adwebster mobile network includes premium channels (News, LOHAS, Women, etc.) and the extensive, region-specific Royal Networks (which combine all of the theme-based channels). Mobile-compatible publishers (websites) are indicated by the letters (MT) lit up in green.

GEO targeting
GEO targeting is used to assign Internet users to regional and local clusters. These clusters are made up of individual postcodes or regions and can also cover sociodemographic characteristics.

Elements of the all-screen mobile network:

  • Apps (mainly smartphone traffic)
  • Mobile pages (smartphone and tablet traffic)
  • Detection of mobile devices on normal websites (mainly tablet traffic)
Supported operating systems on the adwebster mobile network:

  • iOS (all Apple devices, such as the iPhone or iPad)
  • Android devices
  • Windows phones
  • Blackberry devices