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All adwebster products and technologies at a glance.

Advertising products for your digital advertising campaign

Communicate your message on large banners, prominent video ads, and powerful mobile ads, or combine the entire live advertising network into a successful cross-channel combination.


Display network
The adwebster display network is the largest digital advertising network in Switzerland and offers customers not only a wide coverage but also a variety of possible applications.
adwebster Video Network

Video network
adwebster's modern digital TV and video network make it easy to run TV ads easily and simply on all digital devices.
adwebster Mobile Tablet Network

Mobile network
The new and interactive adwebster mobile and tablet network is setting new standards when it comes to delivering advertising to mobile end devices such as iPhones, Android phones and tablets.
adwebster All Screen Impact

All Screen Impact
The products display, video, mobile and tablet can be coordinated to form a powerful cross-channel combination for national and regional branding campaigns.

adwebster Technology and Software

adwebster offers bespoke solutions for all digital advertising planning needs. Along with the Programmatic Media System® and Sell Side Cockpit®, you have all important planning aids and tools at your fingertips.

Programmatic Media System® - for agencies and customers

Programmatic Media System®
The clear booking interface PMS makes it possible for advertising customers and agencies to access Swiss users in our network. Digital disciplines like display, video, mobile and tablet can now be linked to each other and booked.
adwebster Sell Side Cockpit for publishers and presses

Sell Side Cockpit®
The innovative sales optimisation tool for website operators and publishing houses! The Sell Side Cockpit® allows you to organise and monetise all your digital channels and campaigns over a single tool – 24/7 and in real time.
adwebster GRP Rechner

«GRP calculator»
The planning tool for all digital target groups. With adwebster's "digital GRP" calculator, you can calculate your digital media planning easily based on GRP, OTS or net coverage.
adwebster audience recall - Next Level Retargeting

audience recall®
Retargeting campaigns on a new and so far unique level. Product-based retargeting in adwebster's transparent live network, powerfully implemented. «The right product – for the right user – at the right time.»

Targeting, data and services
adwebster possesses the most modern targeting and data technologies. Our targeting options help isolate target groups and potential customers to reduce scattering losses.

LINK Internet Panel Live Analytics PMS

adwebster Live-Data-Apps
Exclusive partnerships with select data suppliers continuously allow user profiles to be collected, recognised in the adwebster network and have the right advertising material delivered to them.
adwebster Targeting and Retargeting

Targeting und retargeting
You reach your user in a targeted way without scattering losses using adwebster's innovative targeting technologies. «The right advertisement – for the right users – at the right time.»
adwebster Bannerformate und Spezifikationen

Formats and specificationen
Here you'll find all information about format and technical specifications for adwebster's advertising products display, video, mobile and tablet. Whether conspicuous large formats or wide-reaching IAB standard formats, adwebster offers the right product for every campaign.
LINK Internet Panel Live Analytics PMS

Link Internet Panel
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