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adwebster targeting

Diverse targeting options help to narrow down target groups and potential customers in order to reduce wastage. adwebster uses the very latest targeting technologies.

Behavioral targeting
With adwebster behavioral targeting, you can accurately address those users who have a specific, pre-defined profile of interests. The adwebster system recognises each unique user in real time and reacts within 0.02 seconds.
Advanced profile targeting
With advanced profile targeting, you compile your target group exactly according to your requirements. adwebster can create customer-specific behavioural targeting profiles in order to find the right users with even more accuracy.
GEO targeting
GEO targeting is used to assign Internet users to regional and local clusters. These clusters are made up of individual postcodes or regions and can also cover sociodemographic characteristics.
Sequence targeting is an extremely advanced, new targeting option that you can use to display sequences (subjects, topics) to a user that even cover different products.
You can advertise with contact optimisation with adwebster's extensive live network. Users are recognised across websites and can be assigned for higher campaign contact class optimisation.
Re-targeting is a powerful instrument in online marketing. It identifies users who completed or did not complete a specific action and can find these users again.
You can book a campaign with so-called time targeting. This means that the banners are displayed only at specific times of the day (e.g. 11:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.). Time targeting is also referred to as "dayparting".
The weather is a factor that significantly influences buying behaviour. In sun, rain, stormy weather or snow, adwebster can deliver a campaign appropriate for the weather.

Through adwebsters live network the possibility is given to deliver digital advertisment to specific browsers and operating systems.