Google+ adwebster - Advanced profile targeting

Advanced profile targeting

Target group clusters tailored exactly to your needs. That's what adwebster advanced profile targeting is all about!

In addition to the selection of standard categories within the adwebster behavioural targeting options, the system is capable of incorporating multiple parameters into the evaluation at the same time.

Combining or excluding interests

With advanced profile targeting, you can compile your target group to match your needs exactly. We can combine or exclude interests and their intensities in such a way that we can specifically cater to individual products and display your advertising exclusively to the relevant core target group. These measures minimise wastage and maximise the ROI of the media budget.

In the target group, there are differences not only between different brands but also between products of the same brand. We can take these differences into account and create special target group clusters for you.

Customer-specific behavioral profiles 

These newly created individual target group profiles can be generated or created anew for each customer. It is also possible to include customer landing pages and to continuously expand these profiles with customer advertising campaigns of all types (display, video and mobile).

Finding profiles thanks to the extensive live network 

The target groups are mathematically reduced and thus narrowed down (only 1 in every 10,000 users is a hit), meaning that the system searches for and retrieves these users across a wide and constant band of traffic. Thanks to live network technology (yield management for publishers), adwebster is the outright leader in this field in Switzerland and regularly achieves extremely high reach values, even for target groups that have been significantly narrowed down.

Targeting advice

In keeping with the principle that "targeting does not replace thinking", our concern is to be able to cater to each customer's needs by providing individual target group advice and behavioral architecture, so that they can get the maximum return out of their advertising budget.

We would be happy to advise you on this with no obligation and free of charge. Just contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!