Google+ adwebster - Geo targeting

GEO targeting

With GEO targeting, Internet users can be assigned to regional and local clusters by combining individual postcodes or regions.

GEO targeting means geographically limiting Internet users through the identification of points of presence.

Across the entire adwebster network, users from a region or even with a particular postcode can be specifically addressed. This means that regardless of where a user is surfing – whether on or, for example – the adwebster system identifies their origin and can insert banners with local offers. This method is especially suitable for locally based business (e.g. spas, events and shopping) and allows local banners to be inserted even in national campaigns (e.g. "Your MIGROS supermarket in St.Gallen").

Your options with adwebster:

  • Regional targeting, even down to postcode level, with custom clusters for each advertising customer
  • The entire adwebster network on all websites and all end devices
  • Demographic and sociodemographic characteristics can be found via a postcode search
It must be noted that the accuracy of IP-based GEO targeting in Switzerland is limited. This is to do with cable construction (optical fibre) and points of presence. Therefore we recommend a clever use of GEO targeting (e.g. the combination of multiple postcodes).