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Weather targeting

Coordinate your advertising with the weather, pollen counts or flu epidemics.

The weather is a factor that significantly influences buying behaviour. In sun, rain, stormy weather or snow, adwebster can deliver a campaign appropriate for the weather. A customer can therefore specify in which weather conditions an advertising message is to be delivered.

Examples of the use of weather targeting:

For a producer of meat, it makes sense to build up the advertising intensity when the weather is fine and temperatures are high, as people barbecue frequently during these days and meat sales increase.
Producers of hot drinks, on the contrary, should advertise when the temperatures are low and the weather is bad.

Weather targeting plus: pollen counts and flu epidemics

Not only can adwebster cater for the weather and temperature, but also, for example, the current pollen situation. A pharmacy can therefore advertise exactly when the concentration of pollen is at its highest.
adwebster can react to flu epidemics too, delivering corresponding advertising for medicines when the flu situation is acute.