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Video network

adwebster's cutting-edge digital TV and video network allows TV advertisements to be displayed simply and without complications on all digital devices in context for other digital advertising.

adwebster's video network makes it child’s play to display digital TV or video advertising on all digital channels or devices, such as desktop PCs, tablets or mobiles. Digital moving-image advertising has been a real triumph. As bandwidths have steadily increased in recent years, digital TV advertisements can be displayed to the user with increasingly high definition.

in-stream (IS)

Video in-stream ads are the perfect extension for TV campaigns. In the Video Network of adwebster you achieve highest reach through channel switch ads and pre-/mid-/post-roll ads. Mid- and post-roll ads will be displayed right in the middle of the spot or at the end of the video. Channel switch ads are used with online TV offerings and are played each time the user switches from one channel to another. Both advertising formats are automatically played with audio and are characterised by high click-through rates and a strong impact. Advertising/TV ads can be supplied in a file or as a VAST 2.0 ad code.

 In-page video (IP)

The use of in-page formats massively increases the reach of a moving-image campaign and at the same time decreases the effective cost per thousand (CPT), since in-page video advertising is significantly less expensive than in-stream ads. There are three different in-page formats: the video layer ad, the video content ad and the video expandable ad.
For the best GRP values and the widest possible reach, a combination of in-stream ads and in-page video ads should be used. The same file/video or the same VAST 2.0 ad tag can be used for both video products.

Video network portfolio

The adwebster video network includes premium channels (News, LOHAS, Women, etc.) and the extensive, region-specific Royal Networks (which combine all of the theme-based channels). Video-capable websites are identified with in-page (IP).

Video advertising in context with display advertisements

As No. 1 in the Swiss digital advertising landscape, it was adwebster's duty to create the most modern, widest reaching video advertising network with the highest degree of technological compatibility.
The existing digital banner advertising network architecture was used as a basis for this. This network can now deliver pre-/mid-/post-roll ads, interstitial video advertising or in-page video formats to users.

Comprehensive contact control and targeting options

This technical setup now allows you to coordinate video campaigns with banner advertising synergistically and to control them simply, while also making comprehensive contact control and GRP and OTS calculations easier. Customer-specific behavioural targeting profiles can also be used for both banner advertising and video advertising.

100% transparent VAST 2.0 delivery

The adwebster video network is based on new VAST 2.0 technology, so customers and/or agencies can easily use their own video ad servers to track campaign performance data themselves.
adwebster supports all existing video ad servers and practically all video formats. Standard TV ads can also be supplied, and adwebster will convert these to web- and mobile-compatible formats free of charge.