Google+ adwebster - The largest digital network in Switzerland
Display network
Online campaigns running on the adwebster premium topics channels guarantee the best placements and high click-through rates. 100% Swiss users on top websites.
Video network
Running TV spots based on interest profiles allows you to accurately reach your target group. In-stream spots, in-page video advertising as well as online TV channels are available.
Mobile network
The new adwebster mobile & tablet network sets new standards in the delivery of advertising to mobile terminals such as iPhones or Android cell phones and all tablets.
adwebster's innovative targeting technologies allow you to target and reach your users without divergence loss. The right advertisement, with the right users, at the right time!
Closed private network
adwebster has the first and only closed private network in Switzerland, i.e. the entire network is based on our own technology with daily direct integration of all of our ...
"Digital GRP" calculator
Easily calculate digital advertising campaigns based on GRP using the new Digital GRP calculator by adwebster. Analogous to classical TV advertising, net coverage, CPPs per linguistic region can now be...